Home screen – Golf Course Search

Home screen

Golf Course Search

You can search for golf courses in a variety of ways.

Keyword Search

Enter a golf course name directly and a list of target golf courses will be listed.

Recently Played

Recently played golf courses will be listed.


Search for golf courses using the current location information by GPS.


Search for golf courses by country/state/province.

Keyword Search

By entering the golf course name directly, the target golf course will be listed.

Keyword Search Example

Enter “Hanayashiki” as a keyword, and golf courses containing “Hanayashiki” will be listed.


Up to 30 recently played/selected golf courses will be listed.


The system acquires current location information from GPS and lists golf courses that exist in the vicinity.


Search for the golf course you are looking for by following the country/state/province.

①Select country (Japan)

②Select Akita Prefecture

③Select Golf Course

Press the letter on the right bar,
The list will move to the location of that initial letter.

Press the left arrow to return
to the previous selection screen.

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