Home screen – Manuals & Others

Home screen

Manuals & Others

You can check operation manuals, notices about the application, and other information.
You can also enroll (pay for) a premium plan here.


If there is any notification information about the application, the contents will be displayed (no notification information is shown in the image).

User ID

Your user ID.

Premium Plan

Opens the Premium Plan enrollment dialog.
By enrolling in the Premium Plan, you will be able to use all the features of ShotNavi 3DX.

Restore Restore

Refreshes billing information.
This function is for iPhone only.

Operation Manual

Opens the operation manual.

Terms of Use

Contains rules regarding the use of this application.

Privacy Policy

Contains guidelines for how personal information is handled and how privacy is considered.

Software License

The license of the software used in this application.


Opens the SHOTNAVI home page.

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