NAV – Option Menu

NAV Functions

Tap the Options Menu icon in the upper left corner of the navigation screen to
The Option Menu window will open.
The Option Menu allows you to set the display items in the NAVS.


Option Menu Window

Home Screen

Exits the navigation system and returns to the Home Screen.

Display Distance Unit

Sets the display distance unit for distance and elevation difference.
Separate units can be set for holes and greens.

Indicator Distance Layer

Sets the display settings for “Straight Distance Circle” and “Target Pin Line”.

Hazard Information Display Type

Sets the display type of hazard information from 4 types: “OFF”, “Simple”, “Normal”, and “Detailed”.

The display distance unit can be set separately for “distance unit on the hole” and “distance unit on the green.

Green subject to change

Only two areas of the green are subject to display distance changes: the grid and the pin-sheet values on the green, which are displayed in the green strategy mode.



Hole subject to change

All the displayed distances for holes are subject to change, except for the greens.
Distance in the score input dialog is also applicable.

The Indicator Distance Layer allows you to set the display settings for two layer objects: “Straight Distance Circle” and “Target Pin Line”.

Straight Distance Circle

Displays a line showing the straight line distance from the current location to a radius of 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 (yards/meters).

Target Pin Line

Displays a line connecting the current location to the pin.
The line is displayed along the undulations of the terrain.

Hazard Information Display Type allows you to select from four types of display: “OFF,” “Simple,” “Normal,” and “Detailed.
*Level differences are not displayed in “Competition Mode.


Hazard information is not displayed.


Displays the distance to the hazard.


Displays the distance to the hazard and the height difference.


Displays the hazard name, distance and height difference.

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